Prices and Information


Retail prices of individual artworks range from £140 to £5800. Please direct any enquiries through the Contact Page of this website, specifying the title of the work


Specific pages of the book Number, Nature and Design’, which should be published in the near future, will be available to purchase as A3 size, high quality Giclée prints using pigment based inks on archival Saunders 225 gram mould-made paper. Each image can be printed without text blocks if required and will be signed and dated by the artist. Prices on application.

The publication  ‘Number, Nature and Design ‘  stunningly illustrates how particular numbers, from the concept of Zero to the number Twelve,  have been given philosophical meaning through myth and symbol within numerous cultural and religious traditions, including Vedic, Christian, Buddhist and Islamic. The work explores how number generates shape, and how shape and pattern generate symmetries and proportional relationships. These visual elements are then shown as expressed in the natural world, underlying the organic world  as a series of  proportional systems, culminating to illustrate how man has applied these relationships in his art and architecture.


Notes on Lithographic Prints.  Each print is one of  a limited edition of ninety and is numbered, signed and dated by the artist. 

  • The lithograph of  ‘Amersham – the Gateway’ depicts a view over the grounds of ‘Shardeloes,’  a large 18th-century  Palladian style country house on the outskirts of Old Amersham, Buckinghamshire. This particular lighting was witnessed whilst on an afternoon Boxing day walk. The landscape is contained within a border which based upon a traditional interwoven Celtic knotwork design, similar to that found in the ‘Book of Durrow’, a 7th century illuminated manuscript gospel book
  • The lithograph of ‘St. Mary’s Church – Harrow Hill’  shows the spire of this 11th century  church from the north-east. The border design is adapted from the stained glass window dedicated to the Virgin Mary which is set within the church itself, whilst the gold and blue colouring is found in the nave ceiling. The upward pointing triangular shape is the Lych Gate found at the entrance to the church grounds, the inscribed triangular designs symbolic of the Holy Trinity.

Notes on Aquatint print. 

  • The aquatint ‘Sempervivum Mandalais a limited edition of forty, each print is numbered, signed and dated by the artist. The growth pattern of the succulent plant sempervivum, known  colloquially as the ‘Houseleek’, is based upon the Fibonacci proportional and numeric system, which is exemplified in the geometry of the pentagram.